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Alon Hasgall *Knowledge Systems*
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My Background
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Here are some Details about me

Alon Hasgall
Birth date: 07. 28.1962
Married + 2
PoB: 3592, Shoham
Zip: 73142   Israel.
Mobile: 972.52.577579
Tel: 972.3.9794546
Fax: 972.3.9791755

My C.V.


1997  to date: P.H.D studies, Department of Information Sciences, Bar Ilan University.

Doctoral Thesis: Knowledge Workers as Complex Adaptive Systems in Israel.

1989 - 1992: MA in Social Psychology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bar Ilan University.

1985 - 1988: B.A. in Psychological, Sociological and Anthropological Studies, Department of Human Behavior, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.




1998 2002:
Founder and e-Content director of several companies (AlleGet, KS) that specialize in consulting, developing and managing digital knowledge systems, intra organizations net and in the global Internet.
Specialize in content management (digital sites work desk, content structuring, dynamic content, virtual communities mentoring, and virtual clients clubs).

University lecturer (Bar-Ilan University, University of Derby) on knowledge management, content management and digital managerial skills.


I.D.F: Head of the Organizational Development and Knowledge management Section.
Management of  the departments human resources, while leading and commanding professional and administrational staff.
Specialized in the assimilation of knowledge management and collaboration concepts, including group mentoring, developing managers, consulting and knowledge management.
Juniors Supervisor and groups mentor.

1993 1996:

I.D.F.: Head of the Organizational Development sections in some of the I.D.F. commander corps. Representing and consulting the strategic, organizational development and learning organization methods. Leading professional subordinates in complex and long- term projects.

1988 -1993

I.D.F.: Organizational development consulting. Specialized in logistic services, organizational diagnostics and interventions, while assimilated the T.Q.M roles and methods that in fact influence the organization culture. I developed a new but systematic selection system for the junior commanders courses.

1986 - 1988:

NEGEV TIKSHORET advertising company:  Copywriter -  developed creative text  scripts for commercial advertising. Additionally, I was part of the image consulting crew.



1. Organizational and Managerial Development stagiare course 800 hours.
2. Web Site Building course, Sivan college - 20 hours.
3. Senior Managers course, Amal program -  40 hours.
4. Computer Applications for Advancers, Technology Center - 40 hours.
5. Group Moderators Specialized course, I.D.F. Human Behavioral Department  - 50 hours.


Army reserve lieutenant Colonel - Home Front Command/Civil Intelligence.








Alon Hasgall
Knowledge systems
Pob. 3592, Shoham. 73142
Tel: 972.3.9794546 Fax: 972.3.9791755
Mobile: (972)052.577579